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Well, I was going to mostly give up journaling, I think, except that today I started using my Plurk like a journal. Which isn't it's purpose. Since I've all but abandoned my LiveJournal journal in the last several months since RP's switch to DW, I guess this is hello. (Again--for the third or fourth time; I do keep trying to make the switch.. perhaps this time it will actually happen).

I'm pretty physically exhausted. I spent much of the day in Kokura. I actually only meant to go there to look at their Animate and check out Mandarake to see if I could find the missing volumes of Houshin Engi for my collection... turns out they just opened up a brand new building for all that stuff and more; seriously, it was something like four straight floors of anime, manga, character goods, arcades, art books... even a manga museum, so basically, you name it. It was actually a little overwhelming; I hadn't expected it and the crowds were insane because it was opening day. It made it very convenient but lord I spent more than I intended to. I don't really regret it though because I've been so extremely frugal since Christmas time, it actually felt really good to just splurge on myself.

Especially since right now I'm kind of torturing myself every day. XD; Leslie, Alisha, Jessica, Fred and Roland are all gone for Golden Week so I'm pet-sitting three other pets. Now. This is not the torture part; I actually don't mind the work itself. However. I have to go to Jessica's and Leslie's apartments every day to take care of the animals because they can't stay with me--the apartment's too small, and I'm also allergic to rabbits and cats. It's about 15 minutes to Jessica's, and then other 15 from Jessica's to Leslie's, and about 20 minutes from Leslie's place to my place. Factor in the fact that the animals really should get some time with people every day and a little attention, and you're looking at several hours spent away from the house every day. Not as big a problem on the weekends, but damn if it doesn't really constrain the kinds of errands I can run/places I can go. I am so tired today after Kokura that the thought of getting up to go get my laundry from downstairs is just. Killing me.

As is my head; I really wasn't kidding about the allergies, and damn if Waffle didn't nearly make me break out into hives after 30 minutes.

I am very thankful that I have Monday off, and then the four day weekend coming up. I have a lot that I need to do. I need to clean up my apartment, which means picking up trash, putting away my clean clothes, doing dishes... and other shit. I need to finish converting my apartment from winter mode to spring/summer mode, which includes switching out the rest of the sheets, kotatsu cover, and changing out to the spring ward drobe. I also probably need to vacuum/dust, and I'm going to have to clean the hammies' cage by Monday night or let it go till Wednesday. At some point, I have to go grocering shopping for myself, I think, although I might be able to make do on the stuff in the pantry and forgo fresh foods for a little while. Put like this, it all feels a little overwhelming, though I'm sure that in practice, it won't... take very long. It's just hard when there's the animals to take care of, and of course, I want actual down time for RP and whatnot.

...That's it for now I suppose. Perhaps tomorrow when I'm going through my treasure trove of shit I bought/won (seriously, I should never be allowed to go into arcades alone, it's frightening) I will take pictures and post lists. Or not. idk. I will say, I do love Japan sometimes; it can be hard on my wallet, but fuck if I can't make any weekend I want like a trip to the dealer's room at a con.