quiddity: (playful)
Lauren ([personal profile] quiddity) wrote2014-08-28 05:11 pm


  • Feel free to leave multiple prompts, starters, catchy lines, or anything else you think might help stir my imagination. (Hint: the more you give me to work with, the more likely I will be to finish a prompt.)
  • If you make multiple requests, please don't be upset if not all of them get answered (and of course feel free to tell me if you'd prefer one answered to another.)
  • I'll honor anything from any fandom I've ever been a part of.
  • I'm also willing to do AU fic based off of RP we've done in the past so long as you're willing to let me take artistic liberties. (OR we can have a halloween RP thread based on your prompt, if you want to put in work too.)
  • Kink & gore are a-okay; G-NC17 is also alright.

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